Can a person have pin point radiation after having all over brain radiation. A year ago? My m.I.L. Has adenocarcinoma. It spread to her brain. She had surgery a year ago to remove that tumor. She stopped chemo to do a trial med. She is back on chemo again

Yes to SRS. Pin-point or srs can be done, but key issue is will it result in benefit. If there are <4 recurrent lesions, primary and systemic disease in god control, fully functional, go for srs. If losing weight, function, progressing disease, the srs is expensive and will "fix the brain lesion" but add little value in quality or duration of life. Using srs for >4 lesions is costly and not of proven value.
Depends on how much. ...Of the brain is involved with the cancer now. The pinpoint radiation you're referring to only can treat small volumes of cancer...So you would really need to see a radiation oncologist who specializes in these special techniques for brain radiotherapy to find out if it will help her. The other big question is what's the status of the cancer in the rest of her body?
Possible. There are circumstances where stereotactic radiation is possible for isolated brain mets. I have asked one of the radiation oncologists to comment further on this.