How is carpal tunnel surgery performed?

By proper surgeon. Carpal tunnel syndrome, if appropriately diagnosed, shold be treated non-surgically if possible and then if surgery is needed, should be performed by a reputable surgeon trained and skilled in this surgery. An incision is made over the middle of the heels of the hand and wrist and down through a fibrous ligament to release pressure on the nerve. Ortho, neuro or plastic surgeons usually do this.
Open or endoscopic. Surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome (cts) involves cutting the transverse carpal ligament (tcl). Open capal tunnel release utilizes direct visualization of the tcl, which is then cut through a palmar skin incision. Endoscopic carpal tunnel release uses a small wrist incision to enter the carpal tunnel with an endoscope. The tcl is incised through the scope with a retractable endoscopic knife.
Several Methods. All surgeries cut the transverse carpal ligament (roof of the 'carpal tunnel') and make room to take pressure off the median nerve. Surgery done with local, sedation or general anesthesia. Incisions usually from .75 to 4 cm performed open or with a cutting tome or endoscopically. Risks are higher with endoscopy but recovery faster. See http://carpaltunnelsyndromesurgery.Blogspot.Com/.