I have ligament damage due to an untreated ankle fracture the bones have healed, will the ligaments heal or do I need surgery?

Maybe. But you need to have this checked out to see what damage has actually occurred and what can be done to heal ankle.Orthotics and supportive shoes are also important. Refrain from weightbearing activity.
See below. It is possible that the ligaments may heal, but support and physical therapy would be best to make sure thay heal properly.
? I would first get evaluated to see how much ligament damage you have. X-ray, MRI ..Ligaments can heal without surgery. If damage is too sever you may need surgery.
The same way . Your bones have healed the ligaments will heal. The question is how will they heal. We're they torn, did they get "shredded" and are they repairable on their own. You would know if you still have pain or if the ankle is unstable. If so you need to see the doc. If the ligaments are so damaged there are ways a doc can stabilize the bones and find ways to recreate the job of the ligaments.

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Incurred an ankle fracture (bone chips) & torn ligaments 25 yrs ago. Daily pain with any weight bearing activity. How might surgery help?

Maybe. It depends on what your physical exam and xrays show. There are several procedures that may be considered aNd you could consider evaluation with your pmd and or orthopedic surgeon to discuss . Read more...

Ankle fracture and torn ligament. Need surgery. Is it true that I can never play basketball again?

See below. This will depend on the type of surgery and rehabilitation. Your physician will be able to answer that question. Read more...
You should return. The majority of patients with an ankle fracture and torn ligaments have successful surgery and CAN return to sports such as basketball. Following your physician's directions with regards to weight-bearing, use of a cast/boot/brace and physical therapy will be very important. It may take you 6-12 months before you are ready to return to a sport such as basketball. www.healthtap.com/dr-clarkeholmes. Read more...