What causes an itchy rash with little bumps on top of my feet and redness on lower legs? Also bumps are not itching anymore, now they are dry bumps.

Allergic reaction. Usually rashes on the top of your feet are casued by some type of allergic reaction or contact dermatits. With your lower legs involved i would rule out edema/swelling as an issue as well. Your socks or shoes could be creating the rash on your feet more so if they got wet while wearing them or if you have changed soaps or detergents. If the rash persists or returns get examined by a doctor.
Possible poison ivy. You may have been exposed to poison ivy, fire ants, or some other allergen that created this allergic reaction to your skin. As the bumps have dried, the skin should return to normal. You may want to apply aloe vera at this time to speed the healing.

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