How are emotional wellness and wellness related?

Wellness. They are unseparable as total wellness refers to the health of the body mind and spirit when viewed from the holistic point of view.
Totally inseperable. You cannot have overall wellness without emotional wellness. For a person to be able to achieve his or her full potential and optimum health, all parts of life must be in balance and build on one another: physiology, safety, love and belonging, self-esteem and respect, and finally self-actualization. More? See this:'s_hierarchy_of_needs.
Stress and wellness. There is some research that shows that stress can adversely affect physical well being. Some of the mind body connections are believed to be the direct result of physiological events that take place during stress. Another relation is believed to be the effect of stress on the immune system. On the other hand there seem to be positive effects from relaxation and other stress-reduction techniques.
Inseparable. Being forced to take abuse, or persisting in dysfunctional thinking, are as valid causes of ill health as smoking or ny defect of physical or biochemical function. Often finding solutions and correcting problems are far more difficult.