How do I know if I might have skin cancer? |

See a dermatologist. The best way to diagnose a skin cancer is to see your dermatologist. He or she will examine the spot and determine if a skin biopsy is necessary. Often times, a dermatologist can tell by looking at a spot if it is cancer or not. If you have a spot that bleeds, doesn't heal, or grows rapidly, it may be signs of skin cancer. Fortunately, most are easily treatable in the office.
Melanoma ABCD. Melanoma is the most feared skin cancer. We screen with abcd's. A-asymmetry; b-irregular boders; c-varied color; d-diameter >6mm. Any lesion with any of these characteristics should be seen asap.
See your skin doctor. A dermatologist can biopsy anything suspicious to get the diagnosis. Short of that, even experienced skin doctors are wrong as much as 10% of the time.
Only with biopsy. Although only a biopsy can tell you if you have skin cancer, there are warning signs such as fast growth, irregular border, very dark, itching, bleeding, and new hair growing in it. Sometimes none of these symptoms appear so you should always check with dermatologist.
See your derm. The best way is to have a complete skin examination by your friendly dermatologist.