What is the abcde screening method for melanoma? |

Also... "e" was added more recently. Stands for evolution- in other words a mole that has recently changed it's size, shape, and/or color; or has started to bleed, become crusty or inflammed.
Easy as ABC... Any lesion which has the following characteristics could be a melanoma and should be checked out: a-asymmetry; b-irregular borders; c-diffferent colors; d-diameter 6mm (about the size of a standard pencil eraser). If in doubt, get it checked out. See www.Melanomafoundation.Org.
ABCD's. Remember your abcd's when thinking of melanoma. Look for moles with asymmetry boarders that are irregular color differences within the same mole diameter greater than 6mm also any new mole or old that starts to itch, bleed or ulcerate should be of concern. Another rule is the ugly duckling rule. Which refers to a mole that looks distantly different from the others on your body.
See answer. Asymetry, border, color, diameter. Look at the american cancer society skin cancer screening website for full explanation and pictures.