My doctor said I have a pH imbalance, which is why I have this yeast infection. So iam using lactobacillus acidophilus caplets. How long will it take to see results? When will my yeast infection go away?

Need more work. Ph is only part of problem. Most women with recurrent yeast have the source of this in the intestines. Go to a4m. Com and use doctor locator to find a functional medicine doc near you to help evaluate and treat gut for yeast. Until this is fixed these will recur. In interim start a high dose multi-strain probiotic like "florajen" to help heal the gut. Acidoph by itself is not enough.
Ph >7 usually= infec. Although I am usually against anything in the vagina that isn't attached to a human, try a very dilute solution of clear vinegar( 1 teaspoon in a quart of water) douche.If problem persists:check for diabetes.