What are the good foods that prevent colon cancer? |

Fiber and Veggies. Fiber foods really help clean the colon and prevent constipation. The cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussel sprouts and kale, all help the liver and intestines with cancer preventing nutrients. Avoidance of burnt meats and high fat foods also helps significantly.

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Is there any food I could eat to prevent colon cancer?

Vegaration diet. Vegetables, nuts, grains and fiber without red meat is the best diet to reduce the risk of colon cancer. Hunzicuts (in tibet) eat lots of apricots and almonds, and they have the lowest cancer rate in the world (but they also have no stress, no caffeine, no wine, no smoking etc). Non-processed, natural foods give you the best overall health. Go vegetarians!
No. The past two decades' studies have discredited the "pop" claims about roughage and avoiding meat being protective against colon cancer. You need to maintain surveillance against it like everyone else, regardless of your lifestyle choices. You've asked a good question and I hope that you'll focus on maintaining your health in every way. Best wishes.

What are some recommended foods that helps prevent colon cancer?

High fiber. High fiber foods and plenty of fluids can reduce your risk and diets high in red meat and processed or smoked foods increase your risk. But no diet alone can prevent colon cancer. Colonoscopies are still the best prevention or early detector of colon cancer.

How can I prevent colon cancer?

High fiber diet. You may not be able to prevent colon cancer but eating a high fiber diet will decrease your risk significantly. Studies have shown that populations that eat a large amount of unprocessed food, like whole grains, fruits and vegetables instead of hot dogs, have a low incidence of colon cancer. Nitrates in processed meats should especially be avoided if you are pursuing a colon healthy diet.
Lifestyle. Nothing can prevent colon cancer, but high fiber diet, low fat, minimal alcohol, low red meat, can all be helpful.

How can I prevent colon cancer?

Check. Occult blood testing in your stool, do not eat much red meat, take a baby Aspirin a day and after a certain age have routine colonoscopies every 5 years if all is clear. Anybody in the family with the condition?

How can I prevent colon cancer?

Need more info. Screening colonoscopy is perhaps the short answer. The earliest age which any member of your family had colon cancer, get started on colonoscopic screening at an age 10 years younger than that. For more information on this topic, you may consult this site: http://www. Cancer. Gov/types/colorectal/patient/colorectal-prevention-pdq.

How do you prevent colon cancer?

Several ways. First, good genetics. Second, have a good exercise program and a healthy diet. Thirdly, get regular screening. Possibly beneficial is taking a daily Aspirin (if you are the right age, lots of reasons for and against so check with your doctor first). Possibly beneficial is taking a multivitamin. Screening is very important. Keep your weight healthy.
Diet and endoscopy. A low fat diet is essential. Testing the stool for occult blood yearly starting at the age of 40. Starting metamucil daily at age 50 and colonoscopy at age 50 will help.

Does exercise prevent colon cancer?

No. There has been some link to fat ingestion, but exercise specifically does not act as a preventative measure. Certainly the healthier one is, the more immune competent, the less likely to eat foods with "bad" products such as nitrosamines etc, and this all can play a role in being less likely to develop cancer.
No, but it helps. Regular exercise can't prevent colorectal cancer, but it can help to promote a healthy lifestyle that will help a lot to decrease risk of colorectal cancer as well as breast cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes- a lot of diseases. Keep it up!
Reduce cancer risk. Studies have shown the effects of exercise on both primary and secondary prevention of colon cancer. Exercise appears to have a dose-response reduction in the rate of colon cancer. Although still unclear, increase in insulin-like growth factor-binding protein and reduction of prostaglandins appear to be the likely cause, . Exercise will increase qol and reduce cancer specific mortality in cancer pt.

What is the right diet to prevent colon cancer?

Depends. The best diet to minimize the risk of colon cancer is a high fiber hi fluids and low red meat and processed or smoked foods. No diet will prevent colon cancer but a proper diet can reduce your risk.
Colon cancer. Unfortunetly there are no special diets. Fiber is probably the only reasonable product to improve bowel movements and decrease straining.

What really can be done to prevent colon cancer?

Get scoped. It's wise for any older adult to get colonoscopy occasionally, since colon cancer usually starts in polyps that sit around for years before turning malignant. A little Aspirin each day may be helpful. If you have lynch's syndrome, get 'scoped yearly at lesat. There's much less real evidence that a high-fiber, low-meat diet is helpful.