Why do I have a swollen gums?

Many reasons. There can be many reasons for swollen or inflamed gums. Several common reasons are: improper brushing debris on the teeth calculous formation hormonal changes medications infections periodontal disease.
Lots of care. I wold begin with getting a good soft tooth brush or electric toothbrush with soft bristles and use it diligently. Then i would make sure to floss after each meal, diligently, even if it hurts, even if there is bleeding. I would use a salt water rinse after each brush/floss and use a good mouth wash. You may need antibiotics, antibiotic mouth rinse and see a dentist soon. Take vitamin c too!

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Why do I have red and swollen gum around My upper second molar and the last molar on the bottom hurt?

Inflammation. the redness indicates a possible inflammatory condition and should be evaluated by a dentist. Pain about a molar indicates a problem and possilbe abscess. It is best to address this early to preclude severe pain. See an dentist as soon as possible. You may also need antibiotics. Read more...