Can you use beconase (beclomethasone) spray permanently?

Nasal Spray. Nasal steroids sprays have been used long term and there appears to be minimal problems. With all meds that are used, careful follow up and monitoring is a must.
Nasal Steroid sprays. Yes. But, i often recommend using this just during your critical seasons and giving the tissue a rest when you are without symptoms. But, Beconase and it's equivalents are safe overall to use as prescribed for nasal congestion and allergic rhinitis. Some people also get benefit by adding one of the over the counter non-sedating anti-histamines that are widely available.

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I've been taking beconase (beclomethasone) spray, but its making me feel worse. Why?

Nasal spray. You really did not describe what is feeling worse with the nasal spray, is it dryness of the nose? Headache? Etc? You should consult with your allergist about your symptoms, they may not even be related to the spray. Read more...

Hi I have been having a mild sore throat recurrent for the past 18 months. The doctor gave me a beconase (beclomethasone) throat spray but it did not help.

Many possible causes. Soar throat can be associated with a lot of conditions, including gastroesophageal reflux, infection, chronic cough, allergy, postnasal drip, and rarely from a mass. The history, can identify the most likely cause for treatment. Sometimes, further workup is necessary if no response/long duration of symptoms. Read more...