What exactly is spiritual wellness? |

Part of wellness. You cannot have overall wellness without spiritual wellness. For a person to be able to achieve his or her full potential and optimum health, all parts of life must be in balance and build on one another: physiology, safety, love and belonging, self-esteem and respect, and finally self-actualization. More? See this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow's_hierarchy_of_needs.
Difficult to answer. To be honest this is difficult to answer. Spiritual wellness depends on your background (cultural & religious) & spirituality. Religion may play a role in your spirituality and it may not. Spiritual wellness may be different for a buddist than it is for a christian. Therefore identifying what makes you spiritual and how you practice that will help identify what spiritual wellness is for you.
Spiritual wellness. This refers to one's faith in a higher power and the use of this faith in the daily living activities. This spiritual faith can be in many forms and is a way of living for millions of people. The wellness or absence of disease is a by-product of the spirituality of the person.
Inner bliss. We all came with inner bliss - like the babies. Always maintaining the inner bliss is spiritual wellness.