Is there a cure for urinary incontinence?

Usually. Begin with kegel exercises to strengthen muscles that close urethra. Some women leak because of poorly supported urethra after having babies, which can be fixed with a urethral sling as an outpatient 10 minute procedure with minimal downtime. Others need medication for over active bladder. While it's embarrassing don't acquiesce to suffer in silence, ask for help.
Yes. Urinary incontinence can be cured with surgery many times dependent on the situation. Many other patients can control it better with medication.
Yes. There are multiple therapies for urinary incontinence ranging from minimally invasive surgery to non-surgical treatments to change nerve function to medications. Check with a specialist in Urogynecology for help.
Urinary Incontinence. There are a few types of incontinence: stress incontinence: leaking w/ activity/coughing/ sneezing or urge incontinence: a sudden urge to got to the bathroom. Different types of incontinence are treated differently. Some can be treated with surgery and others medication.A good resource is You can also discuss further with a gynecologist/ urogynecologist/urologist.
Yes and no. Urinary incontinence is a very frustrating problem for patients and drs. First the type and the cause of incontinence is important to determine to choose the treatment. Medicines have side effects, especially dryness, constipation. Surgeries have high rate of failure. In ladies pessaries have to be cleaned often and cause ulcers, infections, etc. In males after prostate surgery tx....No help.
Sometimes. Some types of incontinence( urge incontinence) are chronic conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure. Behavioral therapy, exercise, medication, or neuromodulation can control the symptoms. Other types, such as stress incontinence or fistula, can be cured with surgery.