38 f. Fatty liver from obesity. Lost 38lbs so far. How likely is it that I will get cirrhosis. Enzymes are good. Iron is a little low?

DIET IS KEY. Sounds like you are on a diet, in which case I presume that you may be obese. You are on the right track! Maintain a normal diet rather than the one you have followed for 38 years, likely eating plant-based foods from now on. Although anyone with fatty liver is a candidate for cirrhosis, your chances for diabetes, especially if you are genetically prone, is much greater. See your MD and good.
Agree with Dr. C. Maintain normal weight, no alcohol, if you are diabetic control diabetes.
You may take oral iron and multivitamin supplements to treat low iron.
Not very likely... Not very likely, and it sounds like you're doing fine. As per prior healthtap answers, fatty liver is most commonly associated in america with obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, and excess alcohol consumption. Avoid, treat, reverse any of these risks and fatty liver typically improves. Keep up the good work as you approach your goal weight, avoid alcohol, and eat healthy.
Alcohol. Even in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease it's also wise to abstain from alcohol as studies have shown greater healing in alcohol abstainers. Continue with your diet.