Can you have 2 periods and still be pregnant? I've had my period the past 2 months what are the possibilitys?

Yes, there is a poss. A woman of reproductive age may become pregnant during any time of her cycle. Often the first month or two of pregnancy, many women experience some light period--one of many reasons some women don't know that they are pregnant. If you have suspicion, i would advise doing a home pregnancy test--easy, fast, and highy accurate. If you more concern, consult doc. Good luck.
Check preg test. The first step is to do a home a pregnancy test. They are cheap, quick and reliable and then you will know for sure. If the test is negative you are not pregnant. If you do not want to be pregnant consider seeing your obgyn to discuss contraception options. This will keep you from getting pregnant and give you menstrual cycle control.