I've been working on my feet at a restaurant sometimes 8-10 hours a day every day. What can I do to relieve the pain on my big toe, heels and legs. It hurts to walk most times. I have good shoes with insoles and I've had to put cotton balls on the side of

Custom orthotics. See a foot specialist to check alignment of your foot. You may need more support than commercial available arch support. Shoes also need to be checked. A more rigid shoe is needed. It sounds like you have flat feet and are having symptoms that are consistent with this condition. Earth shoes may help offload the ball of your foot.
Orthotics. Assuming you already have supportive shoes that fit properly, you will benefit from custom orthotics. These devices fit into shoes and are made to properly support your feet. The type of orthotic is dependent on your foot structure, activity and weight. Consult with a podiatrist.
Foot evaluation. I would suggest you be evaluated by a podiatrist. There are many treatments that can help with general foot pain.