How long can you live with renal failure?

Weeks to many years. Complex question. Relates to what is causing it, at what stage it is diagnosed, the quality and consistency of care one receives (as with any chronic illness), the quality of the renal program if one needs dialysis, or renal transplant, whether complications from all the medications needed occur, whether transplant is rejected, whether donor kidney available when needed etc etc etc.
Renal failure. Life expectancy with renal failure varies based on the stage and is most accurately determined after discussion with several physicians. Dialysis can prolonging life expectancy. Without complicating facotrs about 70% of people will live 5 years or more on dialysis. Preexisting conditions reduce this life expectancy to 30-40% after 5 years on dialysis.

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How long can you live being elderly and renal failure and stroke?

How much. Life expectancy with various ailments may be limited. Not only is there a reduction in the number of days one has but the quality of each is reduced. The health care system and the patient can, in partnership work to enhance the quality of life so that each day is a blessing. Read more...
It depends. It depends on the quality of life. There are different stages of renal failure. There are different presentations of stroke. But the most important part of piece is the living wills. So if this person has bad stroke and renal failure along with the living wills stating that this person does not want an artifical nutrition and dialysis then it is terminal condition, less than six months to live. Read more...