What is worse, inhaling second hand smoke or smoking cigarettes?

Risks less but there. While the odds are less, secondhand smoke has been linked to the development of emphysema and heart disease, just like smoking. So not as intensely risky as smoking, but still risky. People who live with smokers do need to be careful and mind their own health.
Both are bad. and can cause cancer COPD and other problems. Primary smoking is probably worse.
"Second Hand" Myth. I am not an advocate of smoking and there are lot's of reason to quit smoking but "Second Hand Smoke" is not one of them. The expression "second-hand smoke" is a very effective piece of anti-smoking propaganda used all the time by public health officials and physicians yet there is absolutely no scientific evidence to support it's existence. It's logical to conclude but not proven in any study.
Second-hand. Assuming your frequency of exposure to cigarettes is the same as primary vs secondary exposure, the second-hand smoke is worse because it's not filtered and it contains more ash and combustion by-products.

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Can you let me know how many times do we have to inhale second hand smoke to equal one cigarette?

It depends. It depends on the degree of exposure. If multiple people are smoking in a small room, the second smoke exposure will be significantly greater than a single person smoking in a large, well ventilated room. Read more...

Is inhaling second hand smoke really bad for a runner trying to gain more stamina?

Yes, worse than . No smoke, second hand smoke will adversly affect lung function. About 10, 000 people in the us get lung cancer attributable to second hand smoke compared to over 400, 000 cases per year in smokers. Read more...

Inhaling second hand smoke now im sick, and feel like im dying. Help!?

Second hand smoke. You need to leave the environment you are exposed to smoke, that is the only plausible solution. It seems your call for help is beyond the smoke exposure, not sure what your social situation is, but you may need to look further than an online forum for help. Do you have good social support? Read more...

Is inhaling second hand smoke bad while on warfrin?

It is bad regardless. Second hand smoke is bad for you anyway. Disease in relation to first hand or second hand smoke is well proven especially with lung cancer and it is dose dependent. I have not come across enough research to link the two together. I recommend you stay away from second hand smoke regardless. Read more...