Are older antidepressants better for depression in Parkinson's disease?

Nortriptyline. Nortriptyline which is a tricyclic antidepressant has been shown to be helpful for depression in those with parkinson's disease. Also paroxetine has some evidence for treating depression in parkinson's. In general antidepressants that work on norepinephrine and Dopamine seem to help more. Antidepressants that affect serotonin can worsen movement symptoms common in pd such as restless legs.
Not really. Although still used there is no evidence that they are any better than newer antidepressants in treating depression in Parkinson's patients. In fact they may actually be more risky since the older antidepressants have many more side effects. They interact with more receptor sites in the brain than newer antidepressants raising the chances of serious unwanted side effects.
ECT. I can't say for sure, but electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is the most powerful tool we have to treat severe depression and it can have positive, although transient, effects on parkinsonianism, reducing symptoms in the short term.

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Parkinsons symptoms in brain--does it cause dementia or depression?

Yes to both. Not all patients with parkinsons are alike and can have a variety of symptoms. Depression sometimes occurs early or late in course of illness. Dementia is usually a late complications and doesn't occur in everyone.
Yes. In Parkinson's disease dementia occurs with the progression of disease, but not everybody becomes demented. Depression might occur at the beginning of the disease or later during the disease process.
Both! Up to 60% of Parkinson's patient experience mild to moderate depression and 20% of patients will develop dementia.
Parkinsons disease. Depression, anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations and dementia often occur in those with parkinsons disease. Many things besides parkinsons disease can cause symptoms that seem similar to parkinsons disease but are'nt related to the above symptoms.

Scared I'm getting more unstable on my feet and so much more tired I am on depression meds wondering if new diag. Of Parkinson's is farther along?

A depressed person. Should not be unstable on their feet. So, if there is new onset instability see your doctor, having said that I would not draw conclusions that you have parkinson's. Is there a family history of parkinson's?
Over medicated? It is possible that your disesae has progressed but it is aslo possible that you are either over medicated or are having side effects from medications or interactions between them.

Hand Tremor/ depression. Diagnosed as early stage Parkinson. Is there med. Or herbal way to stop hand tremor completely. Pexola 0.375mg helps little.

Tremor options in PD. Tremor as part of Parkinson is tough. If you think pramipexole is helping with your PD it is reasonable to ask your MD about increasing it. If your total daily dose is 0.375mg, you have a lot of room to increase (as long as the side effects aren't bad). Unfortunately, the resting tremor of PD is arguably best treated by moving or finding a better PD medicine.

on 450mg wellbutrin, (bupropion) 2mg of mirapex for depression. I do not have rls/parkinsons. Mirpex cause bad insomnia. Sinemet might be be better option?

Probably not. If you do not have Parkinsonism Or rls. I am not sure why you would need mirapex or simemet in combo with Wellbutrin (bupropion). All 3 are dopamine agonists and could contribute to insomnia. I have used mirtazepine or paroxetine in combination with Wellbutrin (bupropion). Both are antidepressants and usually sedating, but discuss with prescribing doc. There may be some other reason you are on the mirapex.

Tremor in both hands, headache, constipation, fatigue, joint pains, nervepains, footpain, dizzy, cant swing 1 hand, depression etc is it parkinson or ET?

Need. Through examination parkinson disease will be too early in 22. If you antipsychotic medications side effects of medication should be considered, anxiety and thyroid disorders are other considerations and drugs.

My grandfather with Parkinson's has to go to hospital. He's really depressed and nervous. What sort of things can I do to help him?

Let him know. That you love him (bet you already do that). Visit him. See if there are activities that two of you can do together that you both enjoy and that he is still able to do (like playing chess, going for a walk etc). Sometimes older people long to be touched (a hug or holding a hand). Ask him what you can do? Take care.