How can you prevent elder abuse?

Contact local APS. If you have any supicious about elder abuse, please contact to local county senior service and ask for adult protective services (aps) they will tell you what to do and they will do their own job to investigate for possible elder abuse. You can report by anonymous so that it will be protected and not share info to the client and others.
Education, emotions. Probably the best thing is education, and helping people who are potential abusers to learn how to deal with their emotions of fear, anger and frustration (which they put on the elders who are vulnerable and at times defenseless). It could be useful to help elders learn assertiveness skills, and how to stand up for themselves and make requests for what they need.

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How can families work together to prevent elder abuse?

Keep an eye. One suggestion is to put one person rotating every shift or 8 hrs close to the patient at the nursing home 24/7 watching. Other is to verify the nursing home has cameras 24/7. Talk to the other people who live there and talk to their families. Also make friends with people who take care of your relatives so they can be more attentive to your relatives' needs. Verify that your relative gets meds. Read more...
Good communication . Good communication between family members will make it more likely that any abusive practices are detected. Obviously the elders should be part of this communication. Read more...