What is a cause for bursitis?

Irritation. A bursa is a normal part of the body over a prominence. We have them over the back of the elbow, front of the knee cap, on the top of the shoulder, and the outside of the hip (to name a few). They also the skin to move freely over the underlying bone and soft tissues. Normally thin, they become thick and painful with irritation.

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What is the main cause of bursitis?

Irritation . There are bursa all over your body. They are potential sacks of fluid like deflated deflated balloons. They can fill up with fluid after an injury or in response to irritation. They are found over bony prominence like the knee or the elbow. They can be found deep like in the shoulder wear a tendon rubs over a bone. They can become chronically inflamed or even infected. Read more...

What are the most common causes of bursitis?

3 main causes. Bursitis is an inflammation of the burse and is commonly caused by: 1. overuse injury 2. direct trauma to area 3. response to injury to surrounding tissue (e.g., subacromial bursitis secondary to underlying partial thickness rotator cuff tear) Read more...