How effective are condoms in preventing the spread of genital herpes?

About 70% Most sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted by body fluids. On the other hand herpes is located on the skin of penis and also scrotum, groin, etc. So the condoms will prevent about 70-80% of the cases.

Related Questions

I have genital herpes and my boyfriend doesn't. I'm currently taking daily suppressive meds. Would lamb skin condomns be effective prevention for us?

Probably. All condoms are still a man made product and not always perfect, that being said, abstenance is the wisest until herpes gone but condoms probably next best preventive barrier.

Is it possible to spread genital herpes even if your partner is wearing a condom?

Herpes. It depends on who is infected and where. If the condom covers the infected skin on the male's penis then no. If the condom is not covering where he is infected then yes. If you have vaginal herpes then his condom would protect him. If your herpes is not in the vagina then a condom would not protect him.

If I am dating someone who has genital herpes, how can I prevent getting the disease?

Condoms. It has been shown that if you are very careful and avoid contact during "known "infective periods still 10% will transmit hsv. My best answer: have partner start Valtrex (valacyclovir) treatment daily.

Do you think that I could get genital herpes if I let someone suck me without a condom?

If that person has. An active herpes lesion in the mouth or are secreting the herpes virus before they see the lesion then you could get herpes.

What are chances of getting genital herpes from female if condom was used and partner had no outbreak?

Possible to get. Infected, as it is a virus infection even with condom which is not 100 % proof. How ever condom will protect in most of the times. Hpv virus may be present in exfoliate state, will not see warts. Eradication of virus in both is needed.