What are some risk factors for congestive heart failure?

Depends on type. Most heart failure is related to one of two things; 1. Ischemic heart disease (i.e. Heart attacks) risk factors for which include diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, smoking, and family history. This causes the muscle of the heart to weaken and pump poorly. 2. Uncontrolled hypertension which can lead the heart muscle to become thickened and stiff and also impairs pumping ability.

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What are some of the risk factors for getting Congestive heart failure?

The risk factors for getting Congestive heart failure include: Alcohol consumption, Atrial fibrillation, Cocaine abuse, Coronary artery disease, Diabetes, Heart attack, High blood pressure, High cholesterol, High salt diet, Male, Microalbuminuria, Myocarditis, Obesity, Poverty, Rapid heart beat, Sleep apnea, Valvular heart diseases, Smoking.