Is there a cure for congestive heart failure?

No. Congestive heart failure possess a bad prognosis. It signals the end of the function of the heart. Nowadays there are encouraging success stories treating the heart with stem cells to regenerate or produce new cardiac cells that may reshape or rejuvenate the heart in research centers but still it is not the standard of care. Combinations of multiple medicines have prolonged life in pts. With chf.
Control but no cure. Over a period of 15 years or so, various new treatments have been introduced which have led to a much improved outlook for people with heart failure.
No. Unfortunately, most types of heart failure tend to be a progressive disease. How quickly heart failure progresses depends on the cause and how well it is controlled- i.e. If the heart failure is the result of uncontrolled high blood pressure, good blood pressure control will dramatically slow progression of the disease.