What's the difference between novolin & humulin insulin?

2 comps; unit = unit. They are virtually same insulins made by 2 different companies and they do pretty much exactly the same thing, unit for unit. Novolin n/r or combo of two as 70/30 (70%n, 30%r--r =regular, fast acting, n=normal, longer acting). Humalin n/r or combo 70/30...So for all practical purposes, these two insulins are interchangeable. Consult doc if have concerns. Good luck.

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Is there a difference between lilly humulin n and novolin n insulin?

The manufacturer. Otherwise they are similar and function almost exactly the same way. They are, however, both old fashioned, out of date, and have been replaced by better insulins such as Lantus (insulin glargine) (glargine). Read more...