Is there any home cures for bedsores?

Bedsores. There are many (thousands) of products in the wound care world and most are sterile when you take them out of the package. Bedsores develop because of pressure, so the best treatment is to keep that area involved away from any pressure. The treatment of the sore really needs input by professionals that see these wounds all of the time. Seek expertise at a local wound care center. Home health?
Same as hospital. Pressure relief, dressing changes. And sometimes debridement. Depends on the stage of the sore. Some need nothing at all.
Yes and no. Avoid friction of the affected area is the critical point so it could heal by itself. Good amount of protein (fish, poultry, meat, beans etc) in the diet is necessary. It is imperative to keep the wound/sore clean and dry avoiding to put ointments, oils. Deep wounds are very dangerous so some dr. S may use surgical gel to fill them or packed them with sterile gauze to promote drainage & keep dry.