Are bedsores a clear sign of nursing home neglect?

Bedsores neglect. The issue is whether all pressure ulcers are avoidable. Most professionals believe that there are unavoidable pressure ulcers. The issue of 'neglect' is a legal term used by the plaintiff attorneys. Some wounds are not preventable. One extreme example is a kennedy terminal ulcer (google the term). There are many risk factors that a patient can have that are'tcorrectable and that snfs cannot cure.
Yes and no. . For the most part as long as a patient turns or is turned every hour or two they can be avoided. But there are certain patients ( morbidly obese, malnourished, paralyzed etc ) that are at very high risk of bedsores even with turning. Special mattresses, padding etc can help but there are some patients where it is almost impossible NOT to develop bedsores .
Bedsores. It is not necessarily nursing home neglect but does reflect the level of care the patient is receiving. There are many factors that put patients at increased risk for decubitus ulcers (bedsores). Some of these are nutrition, mobility, care, type of mattress, and education of the care provider. It is important to address the issues early to prevent progression or from others forming.
One sign. This may be one sign but more than anything it is a sign of compromise of the normal protective mechanisms that may be explained by alteration in sensitivity, mobility, mentation, bowel/bladder continence, and nutrition.

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Be put in nursing home whirlpool to help aid healing a bed sore. Would dead sea salt help?

No. Bed sores are from unrelieved pressure, often in elderly, debilitated, or paralyzed individuals. Whirlpool therapy helps clean out infected pressure sore tissues; proper electrolytes in the water can be more gentle (iso-osmotic) than water alone, but there is nothing "special" in dead sea or any other salt that helps wounds heal faster than good wound care and pressure relief! Read more...

Need to move parent to nursing home. Could this be good if never any bed sore (pressure sore) reported and 5* infection rate by boh?

Sounds Mighty Good. Ask folks who have family that has been or currently in the facility. I don't think i would call it home. If there has been any hints of bad care those family members are you most reliable stats and not the facility tooting their own horn. Read more...