12 days post embryo transfer cramping and bleeding is this normal?

Maybe... I agree the best thing to do is call/see your doctor. Small bleeding/mild cramping is often okay. The pregnancy test is the important fact; please check with your doctor.
Maybe. You should check with your dr. Bleeding and cramping could be signs of miscarriage.

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I am on my 14th day post embryo transfer. My hcg is 35 and my progesterone is 13. And I am bleeding a lil bit today. Is this normal?

Congratulations. Don't know if a day 3 or day 5 transfer was made but a single bHCG is not predictive, so you need a second to see the direction of the change. 35 says you are pregnant! Your progesterone should be higher though. I would recommend you call your doctor immediately to report the bleeding and get a status report. Good luck. Read more...