How are proteins related to alzheimer's?

Alzheimer's Proteins. In alzheimer's disease, two proteins are known to accumulate and build up in the brain. One protein called amyloid ? aggregates into large disruptive ‘plaques’, while tau protein forms tangled fibres within nerve cells. This excessive acummulation of proteins in the neurons eventually lead to the memory problems and cognitive decline seen in alzheimer’s.
Misfolded + inflam +. Its a problem of misfolded proteins (AB42 and Tau+) with consequent inflammation, disruption of communication between cells, and probably abnormalities in cell maintenance. We are learning loads just these past 5-8 years with several new abnormalities and potential therapeutic engagement points.
By-products? Amyloid accumulates in neurons to become the plaques that are the tell tale sign of alzheimer's disease under the microscope. Although a fair amount of focus has been placed on these proteins, they are likely the by product of a process that we are trying to understand better.