At what age does alzheimer's normally begin causing problems?

When you get it. If you have alzheimer's then it will cause problems. Age is the largest risk factor so the older you are the higher the risk.
Everyone is differen. Everyone is different average age maybe 65.
Alzheimers the issue. Alzheimer's as all dementias cause problems with brain function. Symptoms begin at whatever age the condition starts. Luckily most people age without developing these conditions though risk ( the chances of the diseases occurring) increases with age.
Advanced age. Numerous studies have shown that the risk of ad increases with advancing age. Age is considered the major risk factor in incidence of ad. Between 65 and 69 years, age-related incidence ranges from 0.7 to 3.5 per 1000 per year. It then do. The prevalence of alzheimer and vascular dementia in people age ?65 years is 1.6% in africa, 3.9% in eastern europe, 4.0% in china, 5.4% in western eu.