Is it ok to drink caffeine while pregnant?

Category C drug. Caffeine is category c drug, meaning it has worrisome effects in animal studies but no confirmed bad effects on the fetus in human studies. Unfortunately, if consumed near the time of delivery any drug left in the baby can take more than a week before it is out of their system. Irregular sleep & fussiness may occur. Moderation or exclusion is advised.
Yes. In moderation, caffeine is not a problem. However, excessive amounts can cause your heart to race and it may have similar effects on the baby.

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Can drinking caffeine cause my baby to have any defects? How much caffeine is safe durin pregnancy?

Caffeine. Drinking excessive amounts of coffee may lead to a miscarriage. Two hundred milligrams of coffee is recommended during pregnancy. Thats about the equivalent of 2 cups of tea or coffee.

I am taking a 100 mg caffeine pill in the morning I'm 6 months pregnant is this safe as its a pill and not drinking coffee? I only take this much

Possibly. But not recommended as the newborn may exhibit the symptoms of caffeine withdrawal and be fussy and irritable at birth. This could be mistaken for other types of withdrawal and result in further testing or questions.
Baby should be fine. Caffeine can be an issue if it is consumed on an ongoing basis while pregnant. Mayo Clinic and March of Dimes recommend limiting caffeine intake to less than 200 mg per day. Eight oz of drip or filtered coffee can have between 115 to about 200 mg. If you are limiting to less than 200 mh either by pill or beverage you are within the guidelines.
Why take? Curious why you are taking it at all. The concern about coffee intake during pregnancy is high doses of caffeine. Most studies show that small amounts of coffee are ok in pregnancy. I would not recommend taking a Caffeine supplement.

I am pregnant of 7 weeks and drank a cup of mocha of 12 oz and I am feeling the symptoms of drinking a lot of caffeine is it dangerous and how to stop?

See below. You will need to cut back on caffeine consumption to no more than 8 oz. Try drinking more water and dairy to keep you hydrated and will be better for the baby.
Caffeine. Caffeine should be limited during pregnancy, but one cup of mocha is ok. Nothing to do at this point. Just wait until it wears off.
Caffeine has not. Been demonstrated to be dangerous in pregnancy up to 600mg per day, so do not worry. Thats like 6 cups of strong coffee. It should pass soon but drink smaller amounts if having symptoms, good luck.

Do I have to stop drinking caffeine in pregnancy?

Yes. It is recommended to limit the amount of daily caffeine intake to 200 mg, or, the rough equivalent to a 10 ounce cup of coffee.
Do you? Do you? No. Should you? Probably yes or limit it to a small amount. Talk to your OB about their recommendations.
Caffeine & Pregnancy. Studies are still ongoing, hence caution & moderation are important when pregnant. For women of child-bearing age, the recommended daily caffeine intake is no more than 300 mg. (which is roughly two 8 ounce cups of coffee).

Could it make your boobs hurt if you recently stopped drinking caffeine? And u used to drink a ton of it everyday?? Cus I've taken 8 pregnancy test.

Caffeine. Caffeine acts like a diuretic and causes increased urination. The tenderness you feel is likely from fluid should however get examined if the problem continues.