Is there a best diet for lowering cholesterol and reducing weight?

Best Diet? There is no best diet for all people. A diet needs to fill the nutritional needs, and these needs vary with different individuals. For any one individual it would be advisable to have a physician give you a check-up and then advise you on what would be the best diet for you.
See below. 1. Vegetarian 2. Low-fat poultry & fish only if eat meat. 3. Limit eggs 4. No to very limited dairy 5. Limit oils (must be normally liquid at room temp). 6. Small, frequent meals 7. Lots & lots of water. Also start meals with soup or soup-type dishes (water fills you up). 8. No preservatives, added sugar 9. Whole grains only (look in whole foods or similary type stores). *all well-published.