What should I ask when interviewing a new ob?

Questions to ask. You can email me at askdrscottnow@gmail.Com and i'll be happy to send you a list you can print and take with you. Being comfortable with your dr. Is one of the most important aspects of your healthcare. Today, a good patient/doctor relationship is more of a partnership. How you feel when you leave the office is a good indicator of whether or not you've chosen a dr. Who is a good fit for you.
What's your C/S rate. C-section rates have soared to 40% - 50%. I think it is ridiculous. My rate was 16% with no "bad babies". A skilled OB will know how and when to use forceps, and will safely deliver most babies without a ceserean, which is a service to mother and baby. Paranoia, or lack of sufficient training drives weak obs to the operating room. I think query will yield interesting and telling results!