How much do you have to weigh for weight loss surgery?

Depends. Body mass index (bmi) is typically referenced to determine if a patient is a candidate for surgery. Insurances require a min bmi of 35-40 with medical conditions or >40.If financing the procedure yourself, bmis as low as 30, especially if the patient has developed medical problems such as diabetes or htn. Some patients have even had a lap-band for bmis as low as 28 or 29. Surgery should be last resort.
BMI > 40. Body mass index of >40 or BMI > 35 with co-morbidities, double your ideal bmi, or 100 pounds above ideal bmi. I have seen patients who are above 350 pounds have been asked to wait until they reach a goal of 350 pounds - so check with yur surgeon for guidelines.
Depends. It is based on your body mass index which can be googled to calculate. A bmi of 35 with co morbidity or > 40 without.

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I weigh 308lbs. Want lose weight! I don't want weight loss surgery. Are there docs who help w/ weight loss w/o doing surgery? Education/support/plan

Yes! Good for you for wanting to make healthy lifestyle changes. There are many doctors who could help you. Start with your family doctor or internist. I really like the approach that functional medicine doctors take (see what functional medicine is here: http://functionalmedicine. Org/about/whatisfm/). I looked up one in philly that you might try: http://drreinamarino. Com/. Good luck!
Yes. A number of docs run medically-supervised weight loss clinics. They have abillity to add medications to lifestyle modification. See if you find one that seems reputable near you. The best won't promise a quick fix and should not feel like a sales pitch. There are also options like weight watchers and others who specialize in lifestyle modification, support groups. Ask your doctor for local advice.
Weekly support. Some of the better non-surgical programs rely on weekly support to help change habits and diet plus keep accountability and emotional support. Medifast is great. Weight watchers good. If limited budget, check out overeaters anonymous. Can also see your primary doctor about supplementing with Phentermine which can help kick start weight loss effort. Good luck.
Yes. There are doctors who specialize in weight loss and can guide you.

Will 3-4 days be ok to pass a nicotine test? I weigh about 290 and I'm having weight loss surgery

Probably. You may pass the test, but your lungs will not have recovered from the insult of tobacco and it may make recovery from anesthesia more difficult. It would be prudent to let your doctors know about your smoking history.

My height is 4'10 and I weigh 275 maybe even more. Do I qualify for weight loss surgery. My weight has gotten so bad where my lower back hurts everytime I walk. I can't walk down the block for five minutes without pain?

Most likely. You probably would but the road to weight loss surgery takes some dedication, often including meeting with a nutritionist, a psychologist, an exercise physiologist and even sometimes medication from your primary care doctor. I encourage you to seek out the bariatric physicians in your area for an often free seminar on the topic.
YES. Your bmi is 58. Most insurance company provides coverage for bmi> 40. As your bmi gets closer to 60, your surgical risk is higher. You should get evaluated at a higher vol bariatric program for best treatment options.
Yes. Time to make an appointment with a weight loss surgeon and start working on changing your lifestyle to eat healthier and less.
BMI. Of 57.5 is greater than the 99th percentile and considered morbidly obese. Depending on your insurance, you may have coverage for weight loss surgery.

I'm 5'1" & weigh 250 lbs, not over eating, under. Is weight loss surgery a good option? Chronic lower back pain=hard to exercise, weight hurts back

If you are really. 7 years old, you should not be on HealthTap. If you are older, you MUST be overeating to weigh 250 pounds. If you do not have a medical condition, such as hypothyroidism, that can be treated -- you need intensive education in caloric restriction, increased physical activity and weight reduction.

I'm 22 year old girl, 5'5 and just weighed myself at 434 pounds. I'm very disgusted w/myself. I want to know which weight loss surgery would be best.

Need to weigh risks. First with your doctor, before just chosing bariatric surgery first. There's pros and cons when your stomach is reduced to the size of a small finger or less. Before it's even a consideration, weight loss is mandatory to make sure of the success of the surgery, and a psychological profile too. So, being in the best shape to have it done is important, so you won't suffer complications.
Bariatric surgery. Hi. It's got to be very difficult for you, but at least you're looking at solutions. Bariatric surgery has gotten a lot more routine, and it's god a very good safety record in the right hands. See a major bariatric surgery center; there are very good ones in the Chicago area. The most effective are Roux-en-Y and biliopancreatic diversion. Gastric sleeve & gastric band are less successful. Good luc.