What is the first step to find out about getting weight loss surgery?

3 steps to take. Important 3 factors - check whether you are covered by insurance to qualify you must have a BMI >40 or bmi35-39 with complications; 2nd - have a surgical evaluation, 3rd - learn what you need to deal with before and after surgery by getting involved with support groups.
Online & your PCP. The first step to find out about bariatric surgery is to research all options online. Start with generic edicational sources like: bariatric surgery corner, bariatric surgery source, or obesity help. Then you should talk to your pcp about specific doctor recommendations. Also, you can usually make appointments to go talk with a bariatric surgeon to learn more.
Research . Read from reliable sources on line then make an appointment with a weight loss surgeon.
Research. The first step is do your homework. Research the surgery, the surgeons in your area. Then the next step is attend an informational seminar by a surgeon your area.