Is it common to be cold all the time after weight loss surgery?

Sometimes. A lot of patients will say they feel cold all the time for a number of reasons that my colleagues just talked about. Get used to dressing in layers.
Possibly. Significant loss of adipose or fat tissue from surgical weight loss can result in less thermal insulation. This could cause a patient to feel colder. It's also important to look at the patients thyroid levels to make sure this is not the culprit.
Sometimes. Your body dilates veins to keep you cool when you ate obese. But they never go back. So you will need to look fashionable in sweaters.
Not enough body fat. You do not have enough body adipose tissue like you used to. So that is one reason. The other reason might be your basal metabolic rate might be low. You can increase this will help. Check your thyroid levels if this is low you can also have increased sensitivity to body temperatures. In functional medicine we advice to eat warm foods - this resets the stomach meridians - sip 1 hour bromelain tea.