What can be done to lose weight without joining a special program?

Plan and do. You can look at my website www. Familyhealth. Pro where there are many tips you can download, as well as food diary. If you make a good plan, then follow through on it, you can make great changes.
BIA analysis. Some scales has body impedance analysis built in know what yours is the important numbers you need to know - your bmr, fat mass, lean muscle mass, total water weight, - you can fashion a program provided you keep watching your lean mass is not affected, using mini trampoline to jump 200 times a day is ideal will increase your BMR and with your BMI (weight+height index) roughly keep to 1800cal diet.
There are several. Apps for the iPhone that may be helpful for tracking your caloric intake and your exercise, such as Lose It and My Fitness Pal. Those may help you get started. You should also clear any program with your physician.
Tips and tricks. There are some things you can do to increase your success rate. Try eating multiple (6), small meals a day. Make dinner a small, low carb meal. Drink water before your meals. Exercise is a useful tool to keep metabolism up while dieting. Don't forget breakfast. Try not to eat after 7pm. Especially if you go to bed before 9pm. AVOID ALCOHOL. It will decrease metabolic rate and add empty calories.