Is it safe to purge for weight loss?

Not safe. There are a lot of negative side effects from purging and it's not effective. Your body will still hold onto around 50% of calories consumed.
Never. You will develop a habit with long term physical and emotional problems, even though you may initially lose some weight. You place your body at risk for electrolyte imbalance, dental problems, digestive tract damage, and metabolic problems. These health risks will intensify over time and will have emotional consequences. There are many safer, effective ways to reach your goals.
No. Besides acid effects on teeth (and breath!), it causes irritation all along the digestive tract and also causes electrolyte abnormalities. Http://www. Amazon. Com/dp/0692496157/ details about diet and weight loss.
No. Normal human's have one-way traffic in their intestinal tracts. After a person swallows food, the food is processed and moved along from the throat all the way to his anus, without any help or interference from him. If a person is eating a healthy, balanced, nutritious diet (a doctor can help determine that, if needed), purging has no benefit, is unnatural, and is unsafe.