Eye discharge, crust and watery eye?

Several possibilitie. If the vision is not changed and there is no pain or frank pus, then you might just have blepharitis - a dandruff like condition of the lids which can have the symptoms above. If the eye is red you might have conjunctivitis. See your ophthalmologist to sort this out.

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My baby is 7 months. Since birth he is having a watery eye (discharge) (left eye) thank?

Obstruction. Blockage of the tear outflow occurs in about 2% of newborns. Many will spontaneously open in the first several months of life, but some remain closed. You pediatric ophthalmologist can open this for you in a simple office procedure but do not wait too long because an older infant might require general anesthesia and there is a small risk to this along with extra expense. Read more...

Hi, eyes burn and sting randomly, or while yawning or tearing up. Starts one side, the other side hurts after. Eye discharge in morning. Eye drops burn?

Dry eyes. Eye burning is most often due to drying of tear film or unstable tear film (unless a chemical or allergen has entered your eye). Discharge is from bacteria. See Eyedoc2020.blogspot.com on how to use warm lid compresses, diluted tea tree oil, artificial tears, increased omega 3 in diet to relieve symptoms. . Read more...