What is the best nursing care plan for chronic kidney disease secondary to diabetes mellitus?

Diabetes. Chronic kidney disease is a long term complication of dm. I am afraid there is no nursing care involved, but appropriate medications, can postpone the need for dialysis depending on the severity of illness.
Read your syllabus. This sounds like a homework assignment for nursing school. You need to read your course syllabus and references and prepare your answers using that material. If you don't the jargon will differ & your instructors will know you did not and grade your performance accordingly.

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Could a doc please explain me how the chronic kidney disease secondary to diabetes mellitus works?

Trauma. THe simplest way is to consider the delicate kidney and its filtering system. Now think of a sugar granule all sharp and jagged. At 200 your sugar will pass into the urine the higher your glucose goes the more sugar you pass and the more these sugar granules traumatize the delicate kidney. That's is the easiest way to answer this in 400 letters. Read more...

Could you describe how the chronic kidney disease secondary to diabetes mellitus works?

Process. It progressively worsens the kidneys. Starts out by ruining different filters, first more urine, then start peeing proteins called albumins. This stage is called 'microalbuminuria'. As diabetic nephropathy progresses, increasing numbers of glomeruli are destroyed. All this happens throughout the years. Read more...

mom is 87. she has afib, had chf, and now out of the blue gfr 26.6 bun 26 creat 1.7 bp normal no diabetes. Stage 4 chronic kidney disease. Surprise!

Complicated. This is very difficult to answer because it's a complicated situation. Rather than answer, I would defer to whatever doctor knows her care the best. A sudden increase creatinine might be due to a reversible cause however Stage 4 CKD means chronic and irreversible. Read more...