Has science found that sleep apnea may cause depression?

Yes. Sleep apnea can cause symptoms of apparent clinical depression which may respond quickly to treatment of the sleep disorder. A knowledge of the intellectual and emotional impact of sleep apnea may be important in making a correct differential diagnosis.
Yes. Sleep apnea can contribute to the development of depression. The fragmented sleep and physiologic strain of apnea can promote depression.
Sleep apnea. The lack of adequate oxygen due to sleep apnea means that the brain isn't getting an essential ingredient to keep it performing at it's optimal level. This can cause depression.

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Can sleep apnea over time cause my symptoms of low t level low sperm count, hyperhydrosis, sleepiness, constipation, anxiety, depression.?

Many. Sleep apnea can cause many of the symptoms you described although it's unlikely to cause all of them. If you have sleep apnea, treat it to see which symptoms will improve.
Sleep Apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea or osa causes less oxygen to your brain. The body tries to make up for the lack of oxygen with hypertension, diabetes, kidney problems, acid reflux, etc. Daytime fatigue causes yo to overeat, gain weight, and the weight gain makes osa worse. Which adds to depression and anxiety. Simply sleeping on your side, and avoiding gerd may work. See www. Grossaninstitute. Com.

If I have sleep apnea and depression, will the apnea improve if I improve my depression?

Unlikely. It's the other way around... Improving the apnea may improve the depression.
Usually opposite. Usually improving apnea improves depression not the other way.
See below. It's more likely the other way around. Your depression is more likely to improve if your quality and amount of sleep improves. You may need a sleep study for a complete diagnosis.

I have sleep apnea since 5 years and depression. Does the depression come from the sleep apnea illness.?

No. Not necessarily. They can have overlapping symptoms, but one does not cause the other.
Sleep apnea. Sleep apnea means that the brain is not getting adequate oxygen. This affects the physiology and psychology of an individual. Please discuss this with your physician and get treated quickly.
Risk factor. A few retrospective studies suggested the possibility that sleep apnea syndrome could cause depression. After you are diagnosed with depression, you should be screened for obstructive sleep apnea.

I have narcolepsy, cataplexy, sleep apnea, and depression and I weigh right at 300 pounds I can not seem to lose any weight any advice would be great?

FATIGUE WITH OSA. Provigil is cheaper and better tolerated than Nuvigil. Also adderal/Ritalin/Starttera can help. Start a gluten free diet Wholeapproach. Com gut bliss. Com. If CPAP/BIPAP is poorly tolerated seek ENT CONSULT for UPP/ vs Hyoid suspension. ALSO FOCUS ON WEIGHT LOSS. TOPAMAX (topiramate) IS effective FOR. RLS AND WEIGHT LOSS.

I suffer with chronic insomnia and sleep apnea. I've taken different medications for depression, anxiety and sleep many years. Medications aren't work?

Difficulty falling. Asleep is often associated w/anxiety while waking up early and not returning to sleep is associated w/depression. Periodic waking is associated w/overall light sleep. A clinical psychologist can help w/stress management. Peace and good health. Natural treatment includes melatonin supplement but w/professional guidance. Stop all stimulants after noon.

Tired all the time I don't have sleep apnea been checked doc did blood work normal what cold it be maybe depression?

Do you have. Problems with low motivation? Sad mood? Overeating? Carbohydrate craving? Low sex drive? Are you becoming overweight? Just feeling like staying in bed or lounging about? If you answered yes to many of these questions, it may be time for evaluation for possible atypical depression.
Tired all the time. See your physician and have a complete physical. Are you taking any medications? If all blood work and oxygen levels are normal, have your physician refer you to a therapist for evaluation.

I'm 20 and look bad and aged, will MS, chronic stress, insomnia, low hormones, sleep apnea, depression increase beta amyloids and make me old?

Not proven. And drugs, cigarettes, and/or alcohol are much more proven causes of premature aging. (also obesity, lack of exercise, for skin wrinkling excess sun or other direct damage to it).

Since I had my baby I have severe weakness, anxiety, panic, feelings of doom, irritable, sleep apnea is this post partum depression? Tests normal

If there was onset. Within a year of your baby's birth - you may have post partum depression. There isn't enough info here to know. Would encourage comprehensive psychiatric evaluation to know.