How long should your feet hurt after bunionectomy?

Elevate, ice, meds. Post-operatively the first three days are typically the most painful, but your surgeon will minimize your pain as much as possible with bandaging and a pain medication prescription. At home, the more you elevate, the less you swell, and the less you swell, the less you hurt. Ask your surgeon about icing, and follow all weight bearing restrictions.
0 days - 2 months. After most bunionectomies, the pain is usually gone after a few days. A person with a low pain threshold may harbor pain for a few months or longer.
Depends. There are many types of bunion procedures. Some are much more invasive than others.I have some patients that will have pain for 6 months.
Pain may vary. Immediately after bunion surgery your best bet would be to rest and elevate your feet. Post operative pain will be less if you limit the swelling by elevating the feet. Keep the bandage dry and clean and follow you doctors' instructions. Healing times and the amount of pain that you may experience may vary.
Depends. A lot depends on the procedure performed. Removing a simple bump had minimal discomfort. If you need an osteotomy to realign the bone, it's essentially a surgically broken bone and you will probably have some degree of discomfort for 4-6 weeks. Your surgeon should be able to describe the procedure and post-op recovery. Post-op pain meds will make things manageable.
The worst of the . Pain is in the first 2-3 days. It then gradually tapers day by day. Depending on the specific surgical procedure, your activity level during the postoperative period and other factors such as pain tolerance, i'd estimate that 90% of the pain is typically gone within 6-8 weeks. After that, it is a matter of what i call 'nuisance' aches and pains which can last for a long time.