Was on wellbutrin. Doc changed to Zoloft and lamictil. Bad mania. Zoloft gone. Added straterra & abilify (aripiprazole). Bad. Stopped. Now want help to wean lamictil

New Psychiatrist. Sounds like you have had a difficult time recently. And that you don't have a good therapeutic relationship with your psychiatrist if you are seeking help in managing your own medications here. Change psychiatrists and find one that you can work with. Your situation seems more complicated than simply how to stop a medication.
Psychiatric Meds. Zoloft can sometimes trigger mania or hypomania. You have clearly had a challenging time with your psychotropic medications. If you wish to stop your lamictal - it is very important to do so under your psychiatrist's supervision. Please don't try to handle your medications with only the input of on-line doctors who don't know you.