How can you overcome obesity?

Eat less, & exercise. Obesity can be overcome by a permanent change in lifestyle and in personal outlook. If a person eats fewer calories than he needs to live on each day, his body will use the stored fuel (fat). If a person exercises more than he did before, but does not start eating more calories, then his body will use up the fat (stored fuel). Easier said than done, but definitely possible to do.
Lifestyle changes. small changes in diet and activity can result in big changes in obesity. First and foremost, try to eliminate sugar or caloric beverages- they usually add unneeded sugar to your diet. Consult with a health professional about diet and activity to get a program that will work for you and your lifestyle. Try to be more active daily. Every bit counts.
Life style change .. Obesity has roots in family, culture, emotions, genetics...other factors BUT, it is possible reverse it! 1 st see beyond " routine" of food choices- discover healthy alternatives of "carbs" as eliminate all bakery goods.. sweets, ... heart healthy.. natural almonds, Avocado, fish, all vegetables, yogurt white.. berries ... delusions choices . Drink plenary water, avoid alcohol. Walk daily KEEEP .
FASTING. its hard to exercise if you have obesity,try water walking in a local community pool(shallow),try TIMED EATING which is NO FOOD from 6 PM to 8 only cooked foods at fast or junk or processed foods.Drink Organic Apple cider vinegar(BRAGGS) 10 min before a heavy meal or a meal full of carbs.Drink water but never with food,always drink 1 hour before or 2 hours after a meal.Sleep @ 10 PM.
Right program. I am a functional movement and fitness specialist. Weight loss is a combination of exercise and eating an appropriate diet. This differs for individuals. You have to start with a realistic time table and get into the correct exercise routine for you.