Does obesity have any effect to the lungs?

Breathing. Obesity can cause obesity hypoventilation syndrome, or Pickwickian syndrome, which includes obesity, daytime sleepiness and a red face.
Tons of effects. 1.lung cancer.2 sleep apnea.3pulmonary hypertension.4.Lung infections from acid reflux.5.Asthma from acid reflux.5.Chronic low O2 leading to very high blood counts which make them look blue and puffed all the times.6.and many more if complicated with heart failure due to being obese.
It can. Morbid obesity can result in restriction of the lungs through a physical inability to expand them fully. Obesity can have effects on the heart, which if leading to failure, can produce shortness of breath.
Yes. Obesity has bad effects on the lungs. An obese person scores lower on lung tests looking at: the amount of air one can blow out in one second (measures how much obstruction to airflow one has), the total amount of air one can blow out in one breath (measures how much air one can exchange with one breath), and the total amount of air one's lungs can fill up with (measures the "size" of the lungs).