Is an upper endoscopy necessary before laparoscopic cholecystectomy?

Generally no. However, depending on your surgeon's practice and your specific condition, an upper endoscopy may be performed. Some surgeons may request an ERCP to open and or clear the bile ducts.
No. Unless there is a concern as to the correct diagnosis, or uncertainty if the gallbladder surgery is necessary or indicated, an upper endoscopy is not likely to add beneficial information. If there are additional swallowing problems or reflux problems, then endoscopy could be helpful.
Not necessarily, but. Many of the symptoms commonly associated with gallbladder problems may actually be due to stomach problems such as ulcers, gastritis, or acid reflux. Upper endoscopy can help your doctor diagnose and treat these other possible causes of gallbladder-like pain/nausea/cramping. Treating these other problems, if found, is important even if the gallbladder is removed.
Usually not. If you are having a lap chole for typical symptomatic cholelithiasis, not necessary. If your diagnosis remains uncertain and your doctors want to be sure that lap chole is the best option for you, an upper endoscopy is done as part of your work up.

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