How much time will take to lose weight on a low calorie diet?

Difficult. Low-carb diet is likely to promote weight loss, at least at first, but risky. Weight loss may or may not continue long term, depending on your commitment to following the eating plan. If you abandon the low-carb diet and return to your former eating habits, you may regain any lost weight.
Wtloss and low cal d. Low cal diet plus burning out calories with exercise will help. Losing weight is all about how many calories you consume Vs how many calories you burn out. Roughly about Losing 3500 calories will make you lose 1 lb. So you see it is slow but weight lost this way you can keep off if you adequately change your eating and exercise habits. Hope this helps.
It depends. On your height, weight, sex, age and metabolic rate. On average a young male on a very low calorie diet (800 kcal/day) can lose up to 4-5 lbs. In a week (female 2-3 lbs./week). The heavier the start weight, the more the weight loss, unless an underlying disease like low thyroid function is in place. With intense exercise (cardio and weights) the weight loss can be more obviously.

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Is a low calorie diet a good way to lose weight?

Not necessarily. In many cases the low cal diet can signal to the thyroid that you are in starvation mode thus preventing weight loss. A surer way to lose weight is by eating a meditteranean style diet minus any grains containing gluten and including low glycemic foods. Eating 3 meals and 2 snacks may show more results than calorie counting. Let me know how you do.

If you eat a low calorie diet but majority consists of carbohydrates, would you still lose weight?

Yes, if low enough. Helpful weight loss foods are natural foods that take time to chew but contain few calories. Examples include carrots, celery, and iceberg lettuce (without salad dressing). When shopping for fruits, buy small ones no bigger than a tennis ball, because fruits contain natural sugar. Drinks without calories include water and green tea. A calorie is a calorie, regardless of where it comes from.
Probably. It all depends on the amount of calorie that you're eating and the type of carbohydrates. However on a low calorie high carbohydrate diet you run the risk of losing a lot of muscle mass and gaining fat which increases your risk of heart disease diabetes and other issues that people with high body fat and obese are at risk of. Therefore I'm not an advocate of low-calorie high carbohydrate diet unless there is a medical indication for i.

If I go on a low calorie diet all week and just every Saturday have a meal I enjoy and a few pints of cider, will I still lose weight?

Your cardiac history. Is important considering you've been on a Holter monitor, had a stress test done before. Low calorie diet indicates that you are overweight or worried about gaining weight? If you exercise, you burn calories. Work with a clinical nutritionist to make sure you have a nutrient dense diet, and not one with minimal calories, or you'll be approaching it from the wrong angle.

I'm a 5'2 18 year old girl and my weight is 138.6. Is it possible that I can lose weight with jogging 30mins everyday w/ a low calorie diet? Thanks.

Yes. Regular exercise like jogging and a healthy diet should help you lose a good amount of weight over time. I advise a diet low in simple carbs like sugar and grains and high in vegetables. One of the best diets to support weight loss is dr. Joel fuhrman's- see http://www. Drfuhrman. Com/library/are-you-a-nutritarian. Aspx good luck!

I'm on a low calorie diet to lose weight but when I exercise (walk), I feel tired sometimes. Do I need to add a vitamin supplement?

See below. You may be experiencing a drop in blood sugar. An engergy drink will do better than a vitamin supplement.
Coconut oil. Coconut oil is high in medium chain fats that are easily burnt for energy. I tell my patients to add a tablespoon to at least one meal a day. Beware of low fat or fat free diets. Good fats are required for optimal health.

Will you still lose weight on a very low calorie diet if you are not in ketosis?

Yes. The danger of low calorie diet that is not balanced can cause essential muscle loss - puts your gut and heart in danger, can cause electrolyte imbalance and danger of creating gall stones - so do with caution and inform your pcp about your goal so he or she can work with you.
Muscle mass. You may also lose muscle mass, which is a bad thing.

Just out of curiosity is it possible to be on a very low calorie diet but not lose weight if consuming too much foods that cause bloating like sodium?

Bloating can be a. Sign of food allergies or gluten intolerance. Have yourself tested to make sure you know what you're allergic too. It's not the calories consumed, but the proportion of carbs to protein that will help you loose weight. Less than 1/2 cup of carbs is good with 2/3 of your plate with organic veges of 5 colors, and 4 oz of protein, lots of purified water after your meal. 1/4 cup fruit/day. Good luck!