I want to know what are the decompression choices to relieve my sciatic nerve compression in buttocks?

Depends on the cause. This depends on the source of the nerve compression. Most are caused by disc herniations which are treated surgically with microdisectomy. Some are done with small open incisions and some percutaneous. It mainly depends on your insurance as to the procedures that are covered. If it is due to stenosis then a laminectomy or foraminotamy may be offered.

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Can lying in bed for 13-16 hours a day cause sciatic nerve compression spine MRI clear?

Not the cause. Usually bed rest helps relieve some of the sciatic symptoms, and hard to conceive how it could cause such issues. On the other hand, piriformis syndrome can compress the nerve in the buttock (peripheral sciatica), and sacro-iliac issues might be considered. Best bet for diagnosis and help is an experienced osteopathic physician. Read more...