I started having myoclonic seizures at 4 years old until 10 years old. Did not start having them again until age 36. I then had 3 seizures in one year of which 1 put me in icu with severe concussion and laceration to back of head. Am I considered an epile

Yes. Across subtypes of childhood myoclonic epilepsy, many patients have an underlying genetic cause for their seizures. Despite advances in identifying causes of epilepsy, for most cases of infantile & early childhood myoclonic epilepsy, no clear etiology will be found despite an appropriate workup. Overall prognosis associated with myoclonic epilepsy in childhood depends on the underlying etiology.
Yes. "Epilepsy" just means "probe to recurrent seizures." It's a description ...like saying someone has knee pain...but doesn't say anything about WHY, or HOW BAD.
Neurologic eval. It is likely that you will require further evaluation with an MRI or eeg to determine the cause of your seizures and provide you with a more accurate diagnosis.