What foods should I avoid while pregnant?

Big fish, spicey foo. In general, there is little you have to avoid with following exceptions: big fish like shark, tuna, swordfish that tend to collect more mercury - once a month at most; spicey foods - if you haven't already experienced it, heartburn is almost a staple of pregnancy and spicey foods only make this worse; caffeine (no more than 250mg/day); and alcohol.
Most foods are safe . The main focus in should be nutrition and eating a healthy diet. Avoid more than 1-2 servings per week of high Mercury fish such as shark and swordfish. Just like non pregnant women - avoid raw or uncooked meats and eggs. Avoid unwashed fruits and vegetables especially sprouts. Avoid unpasteurized dairy products such as raw milk and soft cheeses.
Please call your OB. Your OB should have already discussed that with you or given you something to read about that if you go online you can find many articles, you want to avoid raw fish -no suchi unless it is cooked certain fish that are high in mercury, no raw meat or chicken either, no excessive salt, dyes like red dye #40 and others, please discuss with your ob.